How Does a Marketing Company Get Clients?

Starting a marketing business can be a challenge.

Finding clients in any niche is tricky, but marketing is doubly so because it’s one niche where people are loath to spend money. A marketing company needs to be spectacular at its job just to net those first few clients – because without a good portfolio, they won’t be able to sell to prospective clients. Getting those first few people to make the leap is hard, but it can be done.

If you run a small business then you have probably received spam email or unsolicited post from an SEO company or a marketing firm. These firms buy up lists of newly registered companies and send messages to the directors. They do this because those strategies pay off for them. They may only get a handful of clients from hundreds upon hundreds of mail outs, but if they are charging thousands for their services then they will make a profit even if only one or two prospects take them up on the offer.

It’s digital marketing that offers the most ‘bang for your buck’, however. With digital marketing, you can reach thousands upon thousands of people for just a few dollars, and this gives you a better chance of selling your services.

SEO is something that marketing companies need to have nailed down.

A savvy client is not going to buy marketing services from a company that reaches out to them – after all, a good marketing company should be visible, and easy to find. If they can’t make themselves easy to find, then why should anyone believe that they will be able to do any better for a third party business.

Do It For Exposure

This is one area where it may actually be a good idea for a student, intern or novice to ‘do the work for exposure’. To be able to sell to a client you need a track record, and you will need to do some work to build up that portfolio. Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of working for free long term. However, if you have a friend or family member that has a business that you believe in, and you are looking to establish your brand as a marketing company, then it does make sense to do some work for the experience. Know Is There A Benefit To SEO For Dental Practices ?

Once you have that ability to say “I worked with this brand on a product launch and doubled their sales compared to their previous, similar product” or “I helped this brand get to number one in the search engines” then you should not offer any more free work. That experience is your portfolio. You have your testimonials, and you should start treating your business as the business that it is, and demanding a fair price for the work that you do. Marketing is an under-appreciated trade, but that does not mean that you should let people tell you that they do not have the budget for the work that they are asking for. Contact atlanta seo expert