Prioritizing mobile-first design on your website

Prioritizing mobile-first design on your website

It is also crucial that you take a closer look at your website. Having a mobile-first approach can change a lot of things in your digital marketing campaign. It has the ability to get mobile traffic, not to mention get your site ranked better on Google and other search engines.

Since the use of tablets and smartphones have become mainstream, search engines especially Google has adapted to the modern times and updated how their algorithms work. Google no longer ranks websites that don’t have the ability to fit smaller screens. What you should remember is to always remember to prioritize a mobile design on your website first.

But of course, you should also never forget about the aesthetics. Make sure that you have a website that looks stunning. The color, fonts, and other images should reflect your company’s branding. In addition to this, you the navigation should also be superb on both mobile and the desktop version.

Search Engine Optimization

Yes, SEO is a great way to promote your company as well as your products and services on the World Wide Web. But of course, it is important to know the best SEO tricks that you can use today. Over the years, SEO has changed from the use of backlinks to prioritizing content.

Today, it is important that your content is original and is high-quality to your audience. Blogs and on-page content can help your site to rank.

Why exactly do you want your website to rank? According to studies, 80% of Google users will not even reach the second page of the search result page. That means you are going to inevitably lose a good number of visitors if you don’t end ranking on relevant keywords.

It is also important to know what types of keywords you want to include in your content if you wish to rank easier. Long-tail keywords, for instance, are considered a good option.

There are also other strategies that can be considered a good option for your SEO. For instance, you can get the help of guest bloggers not only to get high-quality backlinks but to also improve on your network by exploring other markets.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is somewhat new in terms of digital marketing strategies that you can use. It is often times used to sell products or services via Instagram. But of course, this digital marketing strategy may not always work.

There are instances when testimonials and feedback from your customers are still the best modern word-of-mouth method that you can rely on.


Surviving as a small company is a challenge. However, with the help of digital marketing strategies, it is possible to get the best results in your niche. In fact, there are many ways on how you can improve your digital marketing strategy. In fact, these are just some of the most effective methods used today by small businesses.